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Nighthawk Robin.

By robinranger 2013.08.28 in Gear


Sometimes I also need to work till it’s dark and in the forest it can be very dark. I always carry a lamp with me, the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp is doing a great job.
One of the must-have features for me is a dim function (sometimes I just want so see a little bit and nobody should see me), the red light (for reading and checking the map) and the lockout (it’s so annoying when the light turns accidentally on in the bag-back and you waste all the battery).


By robinranger 2013.08.25 in Saxon Switzerland

meerAnother great morning shot from the summit Winterstein.



By robinranger 2013.08.12 in Saxon Switzerland

Sun vs. Clouds.

By robinranger 2013.08.05 in Rocks


6AM, after a massive Thunderstorm the sun tries to breakthrough.

First Climb.

By robinranger 2013.07.31 in Rocks


Finally I found a climbing buddy and tried the local sandstones. You can see me holding the register of summit “Wartburg” hosted by the legendary Sächsischer Bergsteiger Bund. Hopefully I can sign more of those books while I’m here.



My Office.

By robinranger 2013.07.24 in Saxon Switzerland

zeughaus1 zeughaus2

This is my new “Office”. Deep in the forest, no internet access and no mobile, but fresh air and absolutely quiet.


By robinranger 2013.07.19 in Saxon Switzerland


cabin1 cabin2

Look what i found today. I should really stay here for a while.

Fire Salamander Rescue

By robinranger 2013.07.19 in Animals

sala1 sala2

Mission of today: saving these little buddies.
Because of no rain since more than 3 weeks, for these Fire Salamander Babies it’s really hard to survive. They have been born in small creeks beside the trails and after a couple of months they will leave the water to live on land. But till then, they need water.
So we collect them and put them in some places were is still enough.


By robinranger 2013.07.16 in Saxon Switzerland


Dinner? Not enough Mushrooms yet, it’s still to dry. But I really looking forward to collect a basket full of those beauties.

Early Bird.

By robinranger 2013.07.15 in Saxon Switzerland


The good thing in getting up very early is to enjoy these moments…




Jonna Jinton

My name is Robin,
I'm 37 years old and i left my home base Stuttgart (Germany) and my job for one year, to become a ranger in the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

You can see it as a sabbatical or just as a year away from the lifestyle of a city.
Instead of sitting in an office and working online, I'm outdoors most of the time, hiking, climbing and taking care of tourists and nature.
On my blog i will give you insides on my daily live as a ranger and the beauty of this national park.