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Boots care.

By robinranger 2013.07.14 in Gear


Refreshing the boots! After a relaxed weekend, a full week of non-stop hiking is coming up. So the equipment needs to be perfect.


By robinranger 2013.07.13 in Saxon Switzerland



By robinranger 2013.07.13 in Rocks

Hi, this is my first post for Outdrr.com, thanks for inviting me!
On the picture you can see what i mostly do in my new job as a Ranger, checking the area, being outside and enjoy the nature.


Jonna Jinton

My name is Robin,
I'm 37 years old and i left my home base Stuttgart (Germany) and my job for one year, to become a ranger in the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

You can see it as a sabbatical or just as a year away from the lifestyle of a city.
Instead of sitting in an office and working online, I'm outdoors most of the time, hiking, climbing and taking care of tourists and nature.
On my blog i will give you insides on my daily live as a ranger and the beauty of this national park.